Ego Lawn Mower and other Landscaping Products Toronto Dealer

We are a Toronto dealer for ego in Toronto.
EGO is a business built on innovation. Part of an international manufacturing business established in 1993, we’ve pushed the boundaries of cordless technology from the very first days. Today we’re one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers, producing over 10 million units each year, selling in 65 countries worldwide.

Shock-Resistant Design
EGO’s sealed and shock-resistant design protects batteries from drops and the elements—guaranteeing the highest level of performance and durability.

Intelligent Power Management
EGO’s intelligent power management monitors and optimizes each individual battery cell to maximize power, performance, and run time.

3P Advantage
EGO is the only high-voltage battery system that uses a third parallel row of cells. This innovative “3P” design evenly distributes power across the rows, so our battery can handle even the most challenging conditions—and provide better performance.

Keep-Cool Cell Technology
Each cell of the EGO POWER+ battery is surrounded by revolutionary phase-changing material that pushes heat away. Coupled with our patented ARC Lithium™ design, this keeps the battery from overheating and your equipment running longer at full power.